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Seaview Academy expects all students and staff to exercise appropriate school etiquette in all communications. Communicating effectively on the internet is an important aspect of ensuring students are prepared to live, work, and learn successfully in a changing world. Students should follow Seaview Academy Netiquette Guidelines when they interact with others online.

When communicating through email, videoconferencing, social media, teleconferencing, or any other online forum, students should:

  1. Be thoughtful and respectful when conveying their thoughts and opinions.   
  2. Use school appropriate language, images, and materials in all communications.  
  3. Avoid inflammatory or offensive posts, images, and messages.
  4. Follow the same behavior expectations, rules, dress codes, policies, and procedures that apply on campus when in the virtual environment.
  5. Check their surroundings when teleconferencing or sharing images with teachers and classmates. Ensure that the background is school appropriate.
  6. Respect people’s privacy. Do not share personal information about classmates and teachers online, including images or materials others have shared.
  7. Be discreet. Do not share private information or materials with others online.
  8. Remember that humor, sarcasm, and irony do not always come through in online communications.
  9. Stick to the topic when teleconferencing, posting in online forums, or replying to others.
  10. Remember that emoticons and emojis can help convey an informal message but should not be used in academic work.