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About Seaview Academy

Seaview Academy is a free, online education program available to all Washington State students. Seaview teachers are Washington State certified to provide online instruction to students in Kindergarten – 12th. Seaview Academy provides a variety of core and elective classes in a non-traditional manner through an online learning platform. Seaview Academy’s online program curriculum is provided by Edgenuity. All curriculum is designed to meet the Washington State standards as defined by OSPI.

Student-Teacher Contact Requirements

Seaview Academy teachers work with students and parents to ensure student achievement of learning goals. Students are required to have weekly contact with their mentor teacher. Seaview students participate in state assessments and are required to meet all Washington State requirements prior to graduating and receiving a high school diploma.

Seaview teachers interact with their students in various of synchronous and asynchronous ways. These interactions can be one-on-one conversations using a variety of technologies as a part of weekly check-ins and monthly progress reviews. Kindergarten through second grade students are required to have weekly in person meetings at our Port Angeles facility. Third through twelfth grade students have no in-person meeting requirements. Teachers are flexible with the meeting times.


From the highly capable to those needing specialized academic assistance or guidance, Seaview Academy serves students at various academic levels in order for all students to achieve success. Seaview Academy offers options to support students who, for a variety of reasons, would benefit from an alternative to traditional school.

What makes Seaview different?

Seaview Academy is different from other online learning programs because no student is just a number. Each student’s education is viewed holistically as Seaview Teachers connect and support the individual students through their educational journey. Many Washington State online schools are national companies affiliated with Washington State School Districts. Seaview Academy is a local community of teachers based out of Port Angeles, serving only Washington State students. Because of this, students do not get lost in the shuffle of nationwide online academies.


Advantages of Seaview Academy Online Courses

  • Online students can be part-time or full-time
  • Take both online and campus courses
  • Allows a student to stay in school while employed
  • Work at a student’s own pace
  • Provides credit recovery options
  • Open to 5th year seniors
  • Local community of teachers based out of Port Angeles
  • AP Courses
  • Available to Running Start Students
  • Participate in school clubs, sports, after school activities, and dances
  • Apply for scholarships through PASD
  • FREE, no charge for materials, books